Apple 2017 Event


Apple Special Event September 12, 2017. The first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Here are the new products and updates ( both hardware and software), Apple reveled in its 2017 event.

1. watchOS 4 

All apple watch users will now get to download the new watchOS 4 on/from September 19. watchOS 4 will slightly change the features of the current watchOs:

  1. New Siri watch face to the device.
    This is an upgrade on Siri's capabilities with AI and machine learning technology, to provide more personalized information to its user
  2. Inspiration Cards.
    Since apple watch always has been and fitness motivated, the new inspiration card will notify the user on how much more workout is needed.
  3. Heart rate study.
    This will help to track the heart rate of its user, to keep track of irregular hearbeats.

2. Series 3 Watch

Apple's new Series 3 Watch will be the first of its kind to independent of the wearable and iPhone. It will be can major upgrade to its preceders with many new features.

  1. Standalone LTE service.
    With standalone LTE service, the new Series 3 Watch will be able to download apps, send-receive messages, stream music and connect to internet without help from iPhone.
  2. watchOS 4
    It will run on watchOS 4
  3. Availability
    Series 3 Watach will be available in major 9 Countries from Sept 22
  4. Price
    Apple's has marked its price from $399.
Apple 2017 Event

3. Apple TV 4K

Apple's  announced new Apple TV 4K along with a new Apple TV set-box. Going further, the new 4K TV will provide users with more than just 4K video experience, 4K HDR. Here are some it's features.

  1. 4K HDR
    Apple TV 4K will provide it's viewer with 4K HDR experience, which will have 4 times the more resolution than HD display.
  2. A10X Fusion Chip
    Apple's new TV will run on its A10X Fusion Chip. The A10X features an Apple-designed 64-bit 2.38 GHz
  3. Free Updates to old user.
    Users who have bought movies in HD will have automatic update to HDR with no additional charge.
Apple 2017 Event

4. iPhone 8

The product that every apple fan was waiting for. Apple reveled the new iPhone 8 skipping the tradition of iPhone 7 S model. The design , looks and size is no more different than the iPhone 7, but it has lot more features to list.

  1. iOS 11
    iPhone 8 runs on iOS 11, which will also be available for iPhones and iPad on Sept 19.
  2. Two model
  3. Apple's reveled new iPhone with 2 models. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  4. Apple A11 Bioni Chip
    iPhone 8 runs on Apple's A11 bionic chip, a 64-bit ARM-based system.
  5. Colors
    iPhone 8 is available on main three different colors: Silver, Space grey and Gold.
  6. Hardware
     iPhone 8 is made with aerospace-grade aluminum and the glass is reinforced by steel. Each model has a Retina display as well for improved color accuracy, wide color gamut, and True Tone technology. 
  7. 12 MP Camera
    iPhone 8 have a single camera  whereas iPhone 8 Plus have dual.
  8. Portrait Lighting mode
    The portrait lighting mode will automatically adjusts the lighting and contours of the face in the photo to produce a better shot.
  9. Wireless Charging
    After wireless AirPods, Apple's new iPhone comes up with new feature of Wireless charging (Qi open wireless charging).
  10. Availability
    Booking starts from Sept 15, and models will be available from Sept 22
  11. Available Memory:
    64GB and 256GB
  12. Price
    iPhone 8: $699 (Starting price)
    iPhone 8 Plus: $799 (Starting price)
Apple 2017 Event

5. iPhone X (Pronounced iPhone 10)

The show stopper of the event was Apple's new smartphone "iPhone X". iPhone X is diverts from the tradition iPhone design with a home button and provides edge to edge screen design. It has many different features than tradition iPhone:

  1. Display
    The iPhone X has an edge-to-edge OLED, "Super Retina" (2436x1125, 458ppi) display on the front of the handset. This display has the highest pixel density of any iPhone, and it supports HDR content with its 5.8-inches diagonal display.
  2. No Home button
    iPhone deviated from its traditional bottom-center home button for iPhone X. Waking up the mobile can be done by tapping the screen or swiping from the bottom screen.
  3. Face ID
    Since, there is no home button, we can say bye-bye to the old Finger ID. iPhone X now have FACE ID, a feature which will allow you to unlock the phone using your face as password. According to Apple "Using the new neural engine on the A11 chip that powers the iPhone X, the device uses machine learning and can perform up to 600 billion operations per second. You'll only have to set up Face ID once, and then after that it will recognize your face even if you've gotten a haircut, put on glasses, or did something else to modify your head. Over time, the neural network and the device's machine learning capabilities will learn your face. If you start to grow a beard or change your hair color, it will still be able to recognize you as it identifies those small changes over time."
  4. Vertical Rear Camera
    iPhone X's rear camera has been switched to vertical orientation.
  5. Wireless Charging
    Similar to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X supports wireless charging with Qi open wireless charging.
  6. Animoji
    Animoji is a new concept and feature introduce by Apple. This feature will enable users to create custome emoji's with feature animation from their face. They can use a build-infeature in the iPhone messaging app and send animated emoji's with sound. The animation will highly replicate the user's face expression.
  7. Availability
    Booking starts from Oct 27,and models will be available from Nov 3
  8. Price
    Starts from $999
Apple 2017 Event

6. Apple Wireless Charger for All

Apple all new devices will now support wireless charger. Yes, all even the AirPods.

Apple 2017 Event

#Images are screen shots from Apple's Live Event

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