1. The Useless web

Unlike its name, the useless web is actually a useful and fun website to waste your time. It contains large collection of humor websites and redirects you to any of the random website at a time. The fun thing is you are most likely to get a new random website every time you ask it for "Take me to Another Useless Website". Useless web was found in 1994; hence you can just imagine how much of useless sites it consists of.


2. Norse

Norse provides a “Real-Time Visibility into Global Cyber Attacks. It shows live hacking attacks all around the world. The most amazing thing is, rather than just showing some random lines on the map, Norse provides information about the attack origin, attack types and attack targets.


3. Zoom quilt 

Zoomquilt is an amazing website with endless infinite zooming experience. It uses multiple image one after another in a way that they all seem to synchronize. Why is it amazing? Well it combines art work from many contributors into an amazing zooming experience. Zoom quilt always has an amazing mobile web with same feature. Be sure to check it. Link here


4. WayBack Machine 

Way back machine is a digital archive of various web pages on the internet. Created by a nonprofit organization called Internet Archive, it consists of more than 300 billion web pages. It helps you see how your favorite website looked in the past.


5. GeekTyper

Ever wanted to type like a pro hacker or programmer that you see in science fiction movies, and then geek typer is what you are looking for. It’s enables you to randomly type anything to display predefine set of codes in screen. Feel like a professional, but keep in mind these codes are just predefine sets and code are actually not real, neither are saved anywhere. Just open the site, call your friends and prank them by showing you coding skills.

Top 10 amazing websites

6. Math way

Have you ever come across some difficult math’s problem and tell yourself “Wish my calculator can solve this problem”.  Well math way is there to solve those complex problems for you. From basic mathematics to pre-algebra, calculus, statics, linear algebra and even chemistry math way solves them all for you. It’s easy to use, fast and of course accurate.


7. Fake name generator

Internet users come across lots or forms especially when they want to download something from the cloud. The problem is that when you provide a website with your real identity you get lots of spams in your inbox. Fake name generate provides every information you need to complete the web survey and bypass their security. Remember all information provided by this site is completely fake.


8. 10 minute email

No matter what it will be: download a media, view amazing web content or take benefit of some web service, they will probably ask for your email. This is for sending their frequent subscription news or advertisement. For this there’s 10 minute email. The site will provide you with a temporary email address which will last only for 10 minutes.


9. Mt. Everest 3D

Mount Everest 3d is an interactive 3D map of the highest pick of the world. Using latest satellite technology, it provides a high resolution, unparalleled in details to provide and amazing trekking experience.


10. Down for everyone or just me

As it name says, it helps you to check if a website is down for every one or just you. Simple to use yet very useful.





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Top List

Here are the list of some amazing websites that are fun to use.